History shows that a strong country can not do without innovation and development, venture capital is a powerful driving force of innovation. As venture investors, we deeply feel that China faced the pressure of innovation, challenges and needs. Song Wo capital from the date of birth and the cause of China's innovation tied to help Chinese start-ups take off for the mission.

As an advocate of the cause of China's venture capital and explorers, we must stand in the forefront of the times, one hand force companies to help outstanding entrepreneurs grow rapidly; the other hand, allow investors to share fully in China's economic growth, brought about rapid development of enterprises to the huge gains.

Spirit of innovation, the elite team, venture capital resource integration capability is the core competitiveness of enterprises. Song Wo Capital has a strong industry background with experience and practice of professional investment management team, industry research, management consulting, financial advisory, capital management, personnel training, public relations has a strong professional capability and radiation. Company is willing to support in the community, based on the local, to seize the Chinese capital market innovations and new opportunities for growth of SMEs, to create the song Wo Capital Heights, explore the great cause of China's venture capital future.

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