Background resources
Song Wo all capital from the core team IER Venture Capital Co., Ltd., entrusted with the management of IER Venture Capital Co., Ltd. all assets and investments. IER Venture Capital Co., Ltd. is a leading venture capital companies, has accumulated a wealth of industry resources, Song Wo capital therefore has a wide range of investment channels and close strategic partners.

Song Wo known domestic and foreign capital and investment institutions, listed companies, fund companies, banks and leading institutions of higher learning have a good relationship with the well-known investment banks, law firms, accounting firms and other intermediary institutions to establish a stable business model , can be invested enterprises to provide better integration of professional services.

Professional Team
Song Wo capital professional management team has a wealth of industry background and experience in venture capital operations. Successfully invested Coship (SZ002052), Hidenobu shares (SZ002123), three Connaught Electronics (Korea's first foreign-listed companies), Guard Libang, A8 Music Group and a number of Star Enterprise.

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